Food for thought about our food

corn field

The View from the Country column in the May 2016 issue of Acres USA magazine laid out the whole big ag/big chem/big pharma issue in an eye-opening way that I had not fully considered before.

Here’s the excerpt:

“Pretend for a moment that you are a comic book-style mad scientist bent on harming the health of the populace and debauching the food supply, but you want to do so in a slow, almost imperceptible way. Here’s the “science-based” protocol you could use:

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 Homemade, non-toxic solutions for what’s bugging you: Book review

Naturally Bug-Free by Stephanie Tourles

Stephanie Tourles has packed an encyclopedia of pest repellent into what at first appears to be a small package.

On further consideration, Naturally Bug-Free may rest comfortably on the palm of my hand, but there are 176 detail-packed pages there.Continue Reading

How it started: A life in the wild

Frog in the mud

Somewhere there are some old, old photos of a baby me in a diaper next a yellow canvass tent in a Pennsylvania state park – I think it was Poe Valley State Park in Centre County. We camped there a lot when I was kid.

Even before my memory stream begins I was in the outdoors. You can see I had very little choice other than “A life in the wild.” Did I have great parents or what?

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